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With its continually varying territory, Abruzzo presents a wide range of customs and traditions. The southern part of the coastal area is characterised by small bays and rocky chores, while the northen coastline mainly offers golden sandy beaches. The towns along the coast are full of life, ideal for shopping during the daytime, and full of entertainment and attractions at night. In the inland hills, you can admire the rich vineyards and olive groves, which produce superlative wines such as "Montepulciano d'Abruzzo", and outstanding olive oil, which form a perfect accompainement to the traditional dishes of the local gastronomy.

Further inland, you come to the peacks of the Appennines, with the "Gran Sasso d'Italia" and the have given Abruzzo the title of "Green Region of the Europe".

Nature here is uncontaminated, the landscapes are se4nsational and majestic, with medieval hermitager carved out of the rock, rich in history and spirituality. Hundreds of tiny hamlets and village illustrate the histrory of the popolation, with their monasteries, churches, cathedrals, castels and the expert handicraft of master artisans.

Centres of interest on the territory